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House Captains and School Council

Golden Valley House Groups


At GV, every child and every member of staff (except Mr Lynch) belongs to one of four Houses - Scotch Horn (Yellow), Trendlewood (Green), Glassblowers (Blue) or Colliers (Red). Each House Group is named after a region in Nailsea or a traditional industry in the area.


Belonging to a House is a very important aspect of being part of our school. Every week, pupils spend time in a House Community Group which contains children from Year R right through to Year 6. Each Community Group is led by a member of staff who is supported by either a House Captain or Vice House Captain. During community group time, a variety of activities are undertaken including community builders, circle time, Spritual, Moral, Social & Cultural (SMSC) activities, 'Values' work, activities linked with the local community etc. The children love community groups and it is lovely to see the interaction between our oldest pupils and the youngest.


In addition to Community Groups, House and Vice House Captains are responsible for collecting and distributing house points, showing visitors around the school and acting as ambassadors.

New House Captains for 2017-18

The new House Captains for this academic year were announced in Service this morning. They are:

SCOTCH HORN:   Harvey & Beth

COLLIERS:   Charlie & Romily

GLASSBLOWERS:   Alistair & Skye

TRENDLEWOOD:    Finn & Sophie 

Congratulations and well done!


House Captains

House Captains 1 COLLIERS: Charlie & Romily
House Captains 2 TRENDLEWOOD: Finn & Sophie
House Captains 3 SCOTCH HORN: Harvey & Bethany
House Captains 4 GLASSBLOWERS: Alistair & Skye

Vice House Captains

Vice House Captains 1 COLLIERS: Luke & Izzy
Vice House Captains 2 TRENDLEWOOD: Dan & Elsie
Vice House Captains 3 SCOTCH HORN: Will & Grace
Vice House Captains 4 GLASSBLOWERS: Seth & Lois

Community Groups

Community Groups 1
Community Groups 2
Community Groups 3
Community Groups 4
Community Groups 5
Community Groups 6
Community Groups 7
Community Groups 8
Community Groups 9
Community Groups 10
Community Groups 11
Community Groups 12
Community Groups 13
Community Groups 14
Community Groups 15
Community Groups 16

New School Council Representatives for 2017-2018


Year 3: SC: Jimi and Pearl;                   Dep: David and Charlie.

            SC: Kieron and Erin;                Dep: Harry and Lily.

Year 4: SC: Kara and Krishan;              Dep: Ed and Ethan.

            SC: Harry and Jacob;               Dep: Millie and Adie.

Year 5: SC: Edith and Thomas;            Dep: James and Charlie.

            SC: Alex and Isla;                     Dep: Hector and Thomas.

Year 6: SC: Abbie, Seth and Reuben

            SC: Michael, Izzy and Joe.


School Council representatives were elected by their classmates after giving campaign speeches.  All candidates spoke eloquently and gave brilliant reasons as to why they would be good representatives for their class.  Deputy School Council members were also appointed.  It was a democratic process, using a secret ballot, just like real elections. 


School Council meet fortnightly with Mrs Elskamp to discuss opportunities to raise money for different charities and broaden experiences for all children at Golden Valley.  Previous successes have been running  'Bring a Book, Swap a Book' events and making items such as bookmarks, badges and key-rings to see to raise money for 'Cancer Research UK' and 'Make a Wish' Charities.


Currently, School Council are preparing for the next 'Bring a Book, Swap a Book' event which takes place on Monday 22nd January.  The whole school will participate, having the opportunity to bring a book that they have already read and swap it for a new book.  Items will also be on sale to raise money for UNICEF.


School Council members report back to their own classes and also to KS1 classes and bring ideas for future events to meetings.  It is also a forum to allow children to bring up points for discussion, for example "could we have a lunchtime homework club?" and "could we plant a tree to celebrate the school's 40th anniversary?"  All ideas are discussed and passed to Mr Lynch and as many as possible are actioned.  Previous successes are installing an outside clock in the KS2 playground, having sharing events throughout the school and having ketchup on a Friday for school lunches!



Bring a Book, Swap a Book Event - Tuesday 6th March 2018.

School Council have been busy making bookmarks, book corners, and writing letters to inform parents about today's event.  After setting up in the studio after lunch, every year group visited to swap a book that they had already read, for a different one to take home.  Some children brought several books, and were even kind enough to share them with children who had not been able to bring a book.  School Council had also sourced other items to sell, for example, keyrings, window walkers and poppers.  The aim was to raise money for two very important charities: Water Aid and Children's Hospice South West.


The event was a lovely opportunity (during Book Week) to celebrate the importance of reading and also to raise awareness of the charities.


The amount raised will be posted as soon as it has been verified!

Photos below show the event in action.

In total, we raised £150 profit! £75 for Children's Hospice South West and £75 for Water Aid. Well done everyone!

In total, we raised £150 profit! £75 for Children's Hospice South West and £75 for Water Aid.  Well done everyone! 1

Bring a Book, Swap a Book event

'Bring a Book, Swap a Book' event.

We raised an amazing £150 to share equally between the two charities 'Water Aid,' and 'Children's Hospice South-west.'  Well done to all school council members for their time in preparing items to sell and for being so enthusiastic on the day of the event.