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House Captains and School Council

Golden Valley House Groups


At GV, every child and every member of staff (except Mr Lynch) belongs to one of four Houses - Scotch Horn (Yellow), Trendlewood (Green), Glassblowers (Blue) or Colliers (Red). Each House Group is named after a region in Nailsea or a traditional industry in the area.


Belonging to a House is a very important aspect of being part of our school. Every week, pupils spend time in a House Community Group which contains children from Year R right through to Year 6. Each Community Group is led by a member of staff who is supported by either a House Captain or Vice House Captain. During community group time, a variety of activities are undertaken including community builders, circle time, Spritual, Moral, Social & Cultural (SMSC) activities, 'Values' work, activities linked with the local community etc. The children love community groups and it is lovely to see the interaction between our oldest pupils and the youngest.


In addition to Community Groups, House and Vice House Captains are responsible for collecting and distributing house points, showing visitors around the school and acting as ambassadors.

New House Captains for 2017-18

The new House Captains for this academic year were announced in Service this morning. They are:

SCOTCH HORN:   Harvey & Beth

COLLIERS:   Charlie & Romily

GLASSBLOWERS:   Alistair & Skye

TRENDLEWOOD:    Finn & Sophie 

Congratulations and well done!


House Captains

House Captains 1 COLLIERS: Charlie & Romily
House Captains 2 TRENDLEWOOD: Finn & Sophie
House Captains 3 SCOTCH HORN: Harvey & Bethany
House Captains 4 GLASSBLOWERS: Alistair & Skye

Vice House Captains

Vice House Captains 1 COLLIERS: Luke & Izzy
Vice House Captains 2 TRENDLEWOOD: Dan & Elsie
Vice House Captains 3 SCOTCH HORN: Will & Grace
Vice House Captains 4 GLASSBLOWERS: Seth & Lois

Community Groups

Community Groups 1
Community Groups 2
Community Groups 3
Community Groups 4
Community Groups 5
Community Groups 6
Community Groups 7
Community Groups 8
Community Groups 9
Community Groups 10
Community Groups 11
Community Groups 12
Community Groups 13
Community Groups 14
Community Groups 15
Community Groups 16

New School Council Representatives for 2015-2016


Year 3: Edie and Arthur

            Phoebe and Joshua

Year 4: Skye and Michael

            Grace and Henry

Year 5: Rosie and James

            Jenny and Kenzie

Year 6: Cameron and Katie

            Sophie and Joshua


There will be one school council meeting every Term where we will discuss any issues or points raised by the children. School Council Reps will also partner a KS1 class in order to give the younger children a voice.

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