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House Points

Scores for This Week:
Picture 1 4 ping pong balls
Picture 2 3 ping pong balls
Picture 3 2 ping pong ball
Picture 4 1 ping pong balls

Termly Winners

Picture 1 Term 1 Winning House
Picture 2 Term 2 Winning House
Picture 3 Term 3 Winning House
Picture 4 Term 4 Winning House

House Points


Each week house points are given out for good behaviour, good attendance and good work. House Captains collect and count house points at the end of each week. The totals are converted into a number of ping-pong balls to be added to the collection tubes during Monday morning service - the winning house gets 4 pp balls, 2nd gets 3 pp balls, 3rd gets 2 pp balls and 4th gets 1 pp ball. At the end of each term, the number of ping-pong balls in each tube is counted to find the winning house for that term.


The children in the winning house have two treats - a mufti day (non-school uniform) and a cake with icing the colour of their house!


House Point Winners for 2016/17 = Scotch Horn