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School Camp 2017

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Please feel free to write a comment regarding this year's School Camp, whether you are a parent or a pupil! Many thanks

Feedback from School Camp 2017


 It's a nice way to see how they are getting on and what they been doing. Adam looks like he has had a fab time through the week. It's so nice when you see them all smiling and having lots of fun.


Looks like all the children are having fun. How lucky with the weather. I bet they are not missing home, as much as home is missing them. Enjoy the rest of the week.


Thank you for all the photos each day, it looks like they're having a great time.


The children look extremely happy and the teachers and helpers do an amazing job at looking after our  children. I am very privileged to have had the opportunity to send all my children to this amazing school. Thank you so much xx😊


Thank you to all GV staff for making Year 6 Camp 2017 an incredible experience for Charlie. In his words, it was awesome!

It's been lovely, and very reassuring, to see so many smiley faces in the photographs from each day. We really appreciate the effort made to take and upload these images after such a busy day of activities.

Many thanks for giving both of our children the opportunity to take on new challenges in a supportive environment, and to create many happy memories.


I think I may have had the best week ever. My favourite part was the leap of faith (or leap or death as Mr Lynch called it ) because it was really not what you expect it to be but it is very wobbly. I recommend doing everything you can do.


Thankyou to everyone who went with the children to camp and did everything to make it an amazing experience for them- we really appreciate the thought, preparation and time that has gone into it. I knew that Maisie would be safe, well looked after and supported by the fantastic GV team.

Maisie says she enjoyed the activities and really liked the tunnelling. The food was good apparently- as were the sweets in the tuck shop!!




Year 6 School Camp 2017

I hope you have enjoyed viewing the photographs taken at this year's School Camp. More photographs were added to Day 3 at the end of the evening yesterday. Apologies that they were not uploaded earlier in the evening, but we decided to move the BBQ evening to Wednesday to utilise the lovely weather, hence the delay in processing the photos for publication. Each photograph is individually re-sized and cropped, so you can imagine how long this takes me...and that's after I have decided which of the hundreds taken every day to upload to the website!


There may not be many more added before the weekend, it all depends on time available! However, I hope you have had a flavour of what your children have been enjoying whilst at School Camp. They have been a pleasure to be with!


Please leave feedback on the form above if you wish too!


Mr Lynch