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Christmas 2020

Advent Countdown BONUS!! Staff Christmas Message

The GV Staff wanted to wish our school community a very 'Happy Christmas!'
Many members of staff enjoyed recording the song to form the virtual GV Staff Choir. Listen out for the references to Golden Valley....'Walking in a Golden Valley Land....!'

Advent Countdown Day 14 - Choir Recording of 'Midnight'

Pupils in the choir took part in a special virtual event this week, singing along with other schools in North Somerset. Our GV choir recorded this version of 'Midnight' as part of the event - well done everyone! Thank you to Mrs Dean for working with the choir, socially distanced of course!

Advent Countdown Day 13 - Year 6 Kestrel Class

The reciting of a Charles Causley poem and 'We wish you a Merry Christmas' from Kestrel class

Advent Countdown Day 12 - Year 6 Falcon Class

A song and a poem from Falcons - well done everyone!

Advent Countdown Day 11 - Y2 Swallow Class

Well done Swallows for learning and reciting 'T'was the Night Before Christmas....'

Advent Countdown Day 10 - Year 5 Nightingale Class

A tricky song, 'We've Got to Follow the Star'...Well done, Nightingales for learning and performing in two parts!

Advent Countdown Day 9 - Year 4 Wagtail Class

The second half of the Year 4 Christmas Alphabet, together with a lovely poem about the colours of Christmas!

Advent Countdown Day 8 - Reception Nativity 2020

The Reception children have been photographed and videoed singing songs and telling the Christmas story. Mrs Gillard has put everything together in this short film for everyone to enjoy!

Advent Countdown Day 7 - Year 1 Goldfinch Class

The children in Goldfinch class have written a letter to Father Christmas telling him how good they have been and what they would LOVE to receive!

Advent Countdown Day 6 - Year 3 Owl Class

Owl Class have learnt the Makaton signs for 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' - well done everybody!

Advent Countdown Day 5 - Year 4 Swift Class

Thank you for sharing your poem and the first half of the Christmas alphabet Swift class!

Advent Countdown Day 4 - Year 5 Woodpecker Class

One of my favourite Christmas songs - lovely singing Woodpeckers! A special mention to Caitlin for your amazing solo.

Advent Countdown Day 3 - Year 1 Kingfisher Class

Well done Kingfishers for learning this text with actions during your 'Talk for Writing' sessions!

Advent Countdown Day 2 - Year 3 Jay Class

Here's Day 2 of the Advent Countdown. Jay Class from Year 3 are using Makaton signing in their rendition of Away in a Manger!

Advent Countdown Day 1 - Year 2 Blackbird Class

Well done Blackbirds - what a lovely rendition of 'Mary's Boy Child' to start off our Advent Countdown!