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New Classroom at the TICO School

The TICO School has used some of the money that we gave them from our fundraising to build a new classroom. This will make a big difference to the pupils of the TICO School. For the first time every grade will have their own classroom. Due to a lack of classroom space some children had been only attending school in the morning or afternoon therefore only getting a very basic education. Now from January 2013 all children will be able to attend all day. They will be able to cover a wider range of subjects and have an afternoon for reading. The TICO School said "We want to thank you so much for all of the help that you have given us." Please see the photos of the new classroom being built.

International Schools Award

Golden Valley has an Intermediate Level International Schools Award by The British Council. We previously had the foundation level award. This recognises all of the activities that have taken place in school enriching the curriculum for the children as well as forming a positive link between the two schools.

Our letters to the TICO School have arrived and we are awaiting their replies. The children look forward to hearing from their pen pals and have said how much they have learned about life in Zambia from this link.