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Flu vaccines

Flu vaccines


Sent 06 Dec 2019 09:38


Dear Parents / Carers


Following the information yesterday regarding the probable flu outbreak at school, we have received a number of queries regarding the flu vaccines.

The school nursing team will be administering the flu vaccines on Monday and Tuesday next week as planned to all children who have had parental permission.

The timing of the vaccine is governed by the school nursing team. We have been fortunate in recent years to have it sooner in the term, but the timing is rotated across schools so that there is fairness in the timing as it is not possible for them to attend all schools at the same time. We expressed our concerns about this when we were advised what our slot for this year would be, and requested the vaccines to be administered earlier, but unfortunately it is beyond our control.


Advice from school nursing team:

If your child has been unwell, but is well enough to attend school on Monday they should be well enough to have the vaccine. The nurses do assess every child individually however, and if your child appears to be unwell they will not administer it.

After the vaccines have been completed the team will review how many children have missed it. Depending on numbers they will then either arrange a 'mop up' session at school, or invite you take your child to a clinic for their vaccine. This is also not something the school will have control over.