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GVSA Scarecrow Trail

Very positive feedback has already been received for the GVSA Scarecrow Trail, organised by retiring GVSA member, Jo Wood, and her family.


Completed forms need to be returned to Golden Valley School by Tuesday 15 July at the latest please. There are two prizes up for grabs....one for the family of the most popular scarecrow, and one for the family who guess the most correct answers (in the event of a tie, one winning entry will be picked from a hat!)


Photographs of each of the scarecrows (and answers!) will be posted on the school website after school on Tuesday 15 July after all entries have been received.


UPDATE: Photos and answers have now been uploaded - please follow the 'Children' tab and then 'Whole school events'




Just a short note just to say congratulations to Jo for such a fantastic event. My boys have absolutely loved doing the trail today and we've seen loads of happy GV'ers on their bikes and walking round. What a fantastic idea, so well organised. Jo, we will miss you immensely :-) 


Just wanted to echo these comments. Me and Holly managed to get around yesterday. Holly loved spotting all the scarecrows. It's been really well organised and seamless delivery. Well done Jo. X


I just wanted to add my agreement to all the comments that have been going round. It was such fun doing the trail & talking to the other families we bumped into along the way. Also exciting for our two every time a car pulls up to look at ours and wondering if they can guess it.

Thanks Jo, probably the best GVSA event yet. We will all miss you.


I have to agree, we have really enjoyed it. It's a shame really that it hasn't gone on all week as great fun for mums to do with  preschool children during week whilst not much else to do.

Well done Jo!