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Parent/Teacher Consultations

Parent/Teacher consultations


Sent 17 Oct 2019 13:40

Dear Parents/Carers

This year, after much discussion about the impact of our systems for reporting to parents, we have decided to make some improvements. The first parent/teacher consultation is being held much earlier than usual, with the purpose of sharing how your child has settled and for us to hear any relevant background information as well as your perspective on how your child is getting on. We consider that it is better not to wait until Term 2 as teachers are keen to start working closely with you to find the best ways to support your child.

When you arrive next week, we will not be putting out the books for you to see, as these will be available during our ‘Share a Tray’ sessions on 19th and 21st November. We will then have another parents’ evening in January, where we will give out the Learning Profile reports as well as sharing the children’s work with you.

We look forward to seeing you next week and hope that you will find this early opportunity for a discussion to be useful.