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Wraparound Care update

Wraparound Care


Sent 28 Aug 2020 09:00

Reminder: the booking system for Wraparound Care for Term 1 will close at 8.00am on Tuesday 1st September.

To read the original communication about Wraparound Care for 2020-21 please click here: Wraparound Care 2020-21. Further details were sent on 16th July and this letter can be found here: Further details about WAC

This has been a difficult process as school had to make plans for Wraparound Care ahead of the government guidelines being published as they did not come until very late in the term, and this impacted on the normal timescales for sharing information and putting the registration / booking systems in place. We therefore continued to process registration forms that were received up until the end of term, even if they were received after the deadline of 1st July, to be able to support as many families as possible. However, if registration payment was not made by the end of term then access to the booking system could not be set up even if a form had been submitted.

If you have paid your registration fee and / or submitted a registration form after school closed you will still get an opportunity to book sessions for Term 1 and we will send further information about this after the school office re-opens. However, we will not be able to accept any additional bookings on sessions from 4th September - 20th September as staff levels and resources will already have been arranged for the first two weeks of term based on the number of children booked into each session.