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Robin Class

Class Teacher - Mrs French (Mon, Tues, Wed)

Class Teacher - Miss Randle (Thurs, Fri)


Term 5 & 6 - Class teacher - Mrs Leavett (Mon) and Miss Randle (Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri)


Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Smith (Mon, Tues)

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Degay (Wed, Thurs, Fri)

Sparrow Class

Class Teacher - Mrs Gillard (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)

Class Teacher - Miss Randle (Wed)


Term 5 & 6 - Class teacher - Mrs Gillard (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri), Mrs Beale (Wed)


Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Geaney (Mon, Tues, Wed)

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Pritchard (Mon, Tues)

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Nicholls (Thurs, Fri) 

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Smith (Wed, Thurs, Fri)

PPA cover:
Mrs Chandler & Mrs Beale (Alternate Tues pm & Thurs pm)


Reception PE day is on a TUESDAY

Your child will need to wear their PE kit to school on this day


Sports Day

After weeks and weeks of practice and the disappointment of the cancellation on the original date, the children were finally able to show you their amazing sporting skills at Sports day this week.  We hope you enjoyed seeing them all competing and having so much fun.  The teaching staff were particularly impressed with their brilliant behaviour and listening skills and their supportive and encouraging attitudes as well as their great concentration and focus.  Well done everyone in Reception!


Extra congratulations to Reuben and Maggie in Sparrows and Addie and Matthew in Robins who received nominations for the Copestake Cup; awarded for outstanding sporting attitude, team work, improvement and effort during the year.


The final result in Reception was:
  1st Place - Glassblowers (Blue)

  2nd Place - Colliers (Red)

  3rd Place - Trendlewood (Green)

  4th Place - Scotch Horn (Yellow)

Explorer Dome

The children in both classes had an amazing experience in the Explorer Dome today.  The children sat in the darkness and saw the night sky and the solar system projected on to the inside of the dome.  We learnt all about the Greek God Orion and his pet dog, Sirius and we learnt how to find Orion's belt and the Dog Star in the sky.  We saw lots of the other constellations too and learned about how the Ancient Greeks describe the patterns and gave each group of stars names.  The children re-visited their learning about the Solar System and saw images of some of the planets and the moon.  We saw a photo of Buzz Aldrin on the Moon and the reflection of Neil Armstrong in the visor of his space helmet.


What a brilliant activity!!

Sports Week - Multi-Skills with Priority Sports

Court Farm Trip

We had the most amazing trip to Court Farm today! The children were brilliantly behaved and listened carefully to our tour guides.  During the morning we visited all the animals; learned about how the farmer milks the cow and fed the lambs.  We had a lovely picnic lunch and then had a play in the outside play area.  Both classes enjoyed a really bumpy tractor ride and then explored the farm.  Children used a map to plan where they would like to visit and all had a go at using the iPad to take photos of the animals and their friends. Thank you to all of our adult helpers today, we hope you had a good time too! Enjoy our photos below:

Gardening Day

On Wednesday 4 May we had a gardening day in Reception, to support our learning about plants.  Mrs Geaney helped the children plant a selection of flowers; some herbs; some tomato, strawberry, pepper and cucumber plants; and some lettuce and radish seeds.  We made labels for our pots and will be watering the plants and nurturing them over the next few weeks.  You can see them in the Reception Outside area.

Reception Tree Planting

All the children in Reception were involved in planting a new tree in the playground this week.  The school's Eco-council members (in Year 60) had arranged for school to have 7 new trees - one for each year group.  These have been planted in the grounds by each year group.  Reception's tree is a beech tree and can be found near to the wooden shed on the back KS2 playground.  The children helped to water and mulch the new tree and will be visiting it in the summer to check it is getting on well.  We may even pop round to water it if the weather is particularly dry.

Reception's Tree Planting

Science Week

Last week was National Science Week and the children enjoyed watching and carrying out lots of science investigations.  Both classes were delighted to watch an explosive investigation into what happens if you drop Mentoes into Coca-cola.  They investigated how many toy people you could put into a boat before it sank and how different balls and balloons behaved when they were dropped.  They also enjoyed making parachutes and testing them by dropping them off of the Pirate Ship to see which material made the best canopy.  We hope you enjoy the photos:

Nailsea Houses Walk 

Both classes had a super time walking around the local area this week and saw lots of real life examples of all the things that we had talked about in class. Semi-detached, terraced and detached houses, bungalows, caravans, conservatories, garages, solar panels, chimneys, aerials and window shutters all featured in discussions during the walk! We were so lucky to have a fantastic team of parent helpers who engaged with the children so enthusiastically; asking and answering questions to extend the children's knowledge. We even saw the Refuse Collection lorry and exchanged a frantic wave with their team! Thank you to the parent helpers and well done to the children for your excellent behaviour on our first trip out of school!

Nailsea local area walk

100 days at school

On Friday we celebrated the fact that the Reception children have now been at school for 100 days!  In the morning we did activities involving counting to 100, playing with 100 objects and seeing what we could do in 100 seconds.  In the afternoon we had a party with dancing, party games and party food.  Lots of fun was had by all!

World Book Day

Here are some of the fantastic costumes that were worn on Thursday for World Book Day!

Chinese New Year

For the last two weeks, we have been celebrating Chinese New Year in Reception.  The children have learnt all about the Chinese New Year story which led to the years being named after 12 different animals - this year is the Year of the Tiger.  The children worked in teams to complete a team work challenge; organising the pictures of the animals in the correct order.  They also practised their cutting and sticking skills to make a Chinese Dragon paper chain.  The children completed lots of craft activities including making Chinese lanterns, tigers, fans and red packets with their names in Chinese.


We practised our painting skills; painting a dragon mask in a symmetrical pattern.  The children learned some Chinese New Year songs and played instruments to accompany their singing.  We visited the Studio and used our dragon masks and the music from our singing session to create our very own dragon dance; moving like a dragon, in time to the music.


We also tried a variety of Chinese foods - noodles, rice, sweet and sour sauce and prawn crackers - some children even had a go with chopsticks!  We've had a fabulous time celebrating the Year of the Tiger and hope you enjoy our photos:

Chinese New Year in Sparrow Class


This week in reception we have been thinking about winter.  We played with sparkly ice in our outside area, thinking about why it had frozen and how we could melt it.  Along with the rest of the school, we read a story called Leaf, all about a polar bear who got lost far from home.  We acted out the story, using toys and animal characters; experimented with colour mixing to make leaves for our display; learnt facts about polar bears and wrote about them, and created some lovely artwork.

Reception Christmas Party

The children had an amazing time at our Christmas Party today. Wearing our Christmas Party clothes and our party hats, we went to the school hall to play some traditional party games…pass the parcel, musical statues, the shape game and sleeping lions.  After our games, we went back to the classroom to have some refreshments - crisps, cakes and drinks provided by the GVSA.  The children then had a visit from Santa’s reindeer who presented the children with some very special chocolate buttons to eat at home. We finished off the afternoon with some dancing in the hall including Baby Shark…fun was had by all!!

Road Safety Awareness Day

We had an amazing day today when we were visited by police officers from the Avon and Somerset Road Safety Team.  The children were all able to see a range of police vehicles including a motorbike, Land Rover and police van. They also brought some super mini-vehicles that the children (and Mr Lynch) were able to explore.  The children all learnt about the job of a road safety police officer.  Later in the morning the children had a visit from another police officer who talked to them about road safety and crossing the road safely.  Finally the children had the opportunity to meet Max and Alan...2 trainee police horses! Wow!! What a busy day!

Our new bike shed

Today we had a visit from some carpentry students at Weston College. They have been working away in their workshop to make a bike shed to hold all our bikes, trikes and scooters and today, they came to install it in our playground. The children met Richard, who is the group’s teacher, and he taught us all about being a carpenter.  We learnt all about what we could wear to keep us safe on a building site and we tried on high viz vests, hard hats, safety goggles and ear defenders. We learnt about some of the tools carpenters use and all had a go at hammering a nail with a claw hammer.  The children were very excited and are now keen to ride the bikes and park them in our new shed.  Thank you very much Weston College - we love it!!

Remembrance Day

Today, we learnt all about Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies.  The children watched a short video about how poppies are made and how the money raised by selling them goes to helping injured soldiers and their families. Later in the day, the children all coloured and cut out a poppy to make a class poppy wreath.

Diwali Celebration

Today we had our Diwali celebration. The lights were turned off and the curtains were drawn...we put on our Diwali garlands, lit the divas and paraded into the hall. It was a magical moment to see the candles twinkling in the darkness. We sat in a large circle and then sang some Diwali songs...we recorded one for you to listen to below.  We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and we talked about the dance workshop we had taken part in earlier in the week. We listened to some Indian music and then danced to the instruments...we tried to remember the moves the dance teacher had taught us. We had a lovely time - it was very special. Happy Diwali!!

Our Diwali Singing

Still image for this video

Diwali Dance Workshop

As part of our learning about Diwali this week, the children were treated to a dance workshop from the West End in Schools theatre team.  We met our dance teacher, Jacqueline, via a live link and she taught us all about the traditional Hindu story of Rama and Sita.  We then learnt some dance moves and sequences to retell the story using only movement and facial expressions.  The children concentrated really well and followed all of Jacqueline's instructions carefully.  Finally, the performed their dance to some traditional Hindi music watched by an audience of all the Reception teachers.  

Bonfire Night

As part of our learning about Bonfire Night this week, we had a music session using percussion instruments.  We started our session by watching a short video clip of the London Philharmonic Orchestra playing along to a firework display and we thought about how we could make our instruments sound like the fireworks.  We learnt all about the different instruments we had and practised playing them to sound like fire works.  Finally, we played along with the orchestra and watched the firework display once more.

We love Numberblocks!

In our maths session over the past few weeks, we have been watching some Numberblocks episodes and learning about the characters.  We used the square sides of a cube to print the blocks for each character and then added their features.  These pictures are on display on our working walls - pictures below.

This week, Numberblocks have been helping us to look carefully at numbers 1 - 4; by counting objects and thinking about different ways of making each number.  We have also been "Using our eyes to subitise"!  Subitising is recognising the number of objects by sight rather than by counting.  Ask you child to tell you all about this new mathematical word.

Autumn Walk


This week we went on a walk around the school grounds to look for signs of Autumn.  We looked at the leaves that had changed colour and fallen from the trees; collecting some of our favourite leaves to use in our play and art work.  We found mushrooms and berries and talked about why we shouldn't eat them.  We looked out for creatures too!  We enjoyed collecting big bunches of leaves and throwing them up in the air, as well as crunching through them in our wellies!

Number Posters

In our maths sessions during the last 2 weeks, we have been learning about the numbers 1 - 10.  We have counted objects, sounds and actions for each number and practised writing each digit.  Today, we made posters showing some of the different ways of representing each number.  We think they look very bright and will be useful when were are doing maths activities in the classroom.

Dinosaur Bones

This week we have been continuing our learning about fossils and dinosaur bones.  In our craft activity this week we have been cutting, arranging and gluing paper straws to look like the bones of dinosaurs.  Some of our art work has been displayed in the classroom:

We're going on a Dinosaur Hunt

Today the children listened to the story 'We're going on a Dinosaur Hunt' and joined in with the actions.  We then went on a dinosaur hunt in the playground; looking for and following numbered dinosaur footprints.  We pretended to go through the swamp and the forest, we ran through the rain storm and swan across the river.  When we got to the end of our dinosaur hunt, we found a large nest of dinosaur eggs - made of ice.  We talked about how we might get the baby dinosaurs out of the eggs by warming them up with our hands and breathe.

We will be continuing to learn about dinosaurs for the next few weeks.


This week all the children have been to the hall to eat their school lunches or packed lunches from home.  The children have been very good at queueing up patiently and very polite when asking for their meals.  They have generally eaten well and enjoyed chatting with their friends.  After lunch the children have played in the playground and on the pirate ship; supervised by their dinner ladies - Mrs Goodman and Ms Garrett.  Well done children, we're very proud of you!

Our Self-Portraits

This week we have looked at our reflections in a mirror and tried to paint our self-portraits.  We also had a go at writing our names under our pictures.  We tried really hard to hold the pencil correctly and copy our name cards carefully.  Do you like our work? We are very proud of it.

Our First Week at School

The children have all settled well into school and have enjoyed their first week of school.  They have re-connected with their friends from pre-school and nursery and have begun to make new friends too. They have played in the classroom, conservatory, practical area and outside and enjoyed exploring the pirate ship and trim trail.  We have also painted pictures of our faces and had a go at writing our names.  

Reception Key Aspects of Learning for Terms 5 and 6

EYFS Curriculum Overview Documents

The documents below describe how the expectations of the 7 areas of learning in the new EYFS curriculum will be delivered at Golden Valley School.  Each document describes the expected outcomes for children in Nursery before entering school and what activities you might expect your child to be completing in their Reception year.  It also outlines the Early Learning Goals which are used to assess children's understanding, skills and knowledge at the end of the Reception year.