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School Camp 2019

School Camp Day 4

These will be worth the wait...apologies, but it has been a busy final evening at School Camp with BBQ, singing and camp fire. Then we celebrated each child's personal achievements and awarded them with a certificate. So I didn't even have a chance to start editing and cropping photos until 10pm...no peace for the Headteacher!


AND that's after doing the Leap of Faith (Death) this morning after being double dared by Group 5!!


Enjoy the photos!


Mr Lynch

Bonus Pics!

Enjoy some pics from last night...lots of running around (I wonder what our motive was!!)


Another lovely day ahead.....

School Camp Day 3

Well, the children and staff have just left to go to the field for some fun and games - football, parachute, rounders etc. - which gives me 5 minutes peace and quiet to upload today's selection of photographs for you to enjoy! I do try hard to make sure there are a good range of photographs from each activity group every day.


The weather continues to get better and better...we have made much more use of our sun lotion than our raincoats which is great! Your children are really pushing themselves to overcome their fears and to 'have a go' with activities that they were initially very nervous about. That's all we expect!  


Enjoy the photographs!


Mr Lynch

School Camp Day 2

Another wonderful day...lots of energy and fun, despite a very early start to the day! The weather is perfect, nice and warm but with a bit of cloud cover to keep us in the shade. Your children demolished a mountain of pasta bolognaise and garlic bread for dinner. As I write this, I am still in the competition for 'Air Hockey Champion', having played a couple of very close games...I'm not feeling very confident for my next round though! 


Enjoy today's photographs....!


Mr Lynch

School Camp Day 1

We've had a great first day enjoying our group activities and then a game of 'Man Hunt' in the woods this evening. Lovely lunch and tea of fish fingers and chips which was devoured by everyone!

Enjoy today's selection of photos!