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Golden Valley Primary School


SENDCo: Mrs Helen Gillard

SEND Governor: Mrs Chris Hoare

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

The Government has asked all Local Authorities in the UK to publish, in one place, information about the services and provision they expect to be available in their area for children and young people from 0 to 25 who have Special Educational Needs and/or a Disability (SEND).

This is known as the local offer. 

Further information about the Local Offer can be found on the North Somerset Council website:



At Golden Valley Primary School we embrace the understanding that every child is different and, therefore, the educational needs of every child are different – this is certainly the case for children with Special Educational Needs.
In terms of what we offer children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities, this is different for every child and it is important to emphasise that, as much as possible, this provision is designed by the relevant Golden Valley staff members working alongside the child, the child’s family and, where necessary, outside agencies (e.g. a Speech and Language Therapist or an Educational Psychologist).
Golden Valley Primary School is a mainstream school. We are an inclusive school and have a number of children within the school who have additional needs supported by an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP).

The Purpose of our Local Offer:                                                                           

The purpose of our local offer is to inform parents and carers about how we welcome, support and make effective provision for children with special educational needs and disabilities – SEND

We will keep our local offer under review asking parents what is working well and what they want to improve. If you would like to discuss our Local Offer in detail please contact the school to arrange an appointment.

Our Vision:

Our vision at Golden Valley is to be a nurturing community where we aim high, push ourselves to achieve our best and be kind and respectful to each other.

We will work together to create a safe, inspiring environment where we can be happy, learn exciting things, discover new talents and develop our skills.


Our staff team comprises 19 fully qualified teachers and a highly skilled learning support team consisting of a Learning Mentor, HTLA's, TA’s and LSA’s. Details of the staff are available on our website.

School Policies:

At Golden Valley we understand the importance of early identification of a child’s needs. We carefully monitor and track the progress of all children throughout their time at the school. Please see the SEND policy which is available on our website.


Golden Valley is a well-resourced school with facilities which include:

  • Interactive whiteboards in all classrooms.

  • A modern computer suite, a mobile laptop bank of 15 computers and over 45 iPads.

  • A small room with changing bed for intimate care.

  • A small quiet room for 1:1 intervention

  • Two group rooms (upstairs).

  • A studio (housing a small library)

  • A hall (equipped with a selection of gymnastic equipment) – also used for dining at lunch time.
  • Most facilities are on a level within the building. 
  • There are two disabled parking spaces within the car park

Working with and supporting our children’s families:

We actively encourage a strong partnership between home and school and involve parents and carers as much as we possibly can. We take part in the Link partnership with local nurseries and playgroups to ensure that vulnerable learners have a smooth transition from one setting to the next. In Term 6 we hold a new parents evening for those with children starting in the following September.

Our school reports are simple and accessible and are sent home at the end of Term 6. Parent’s consultation evenings are held twice per year and parents are invited to come and see their child's work at our 'Share-a-tray' sessions.


Our school SENCO is Mrs Helen Gillard. She is also a class teacher, currently working in Reception. Mrs Gillard has non-contact time for her SENDCo role each Wednesday and teaches her class on the other days. She can be contacted via the office on Wednesdays but can also be emailed on SENDCO@goldenvalleyschool.co.uk. 

School phone no: 01275 853077

Children with SEND beginning their transition from a pre-school setting to Golden Valley usually become part of the ‘Link’ programme. This involves the child’s pre-school applying for funding to set up meetings and visits developing a close liaison between school, pre-school setting and parents. The child will be visited by staff from school in their pre-school setting and will have an opportunity to visit school to play in the Reception classrooms a number of times.

Parents of children with EHCP's and SEND who are due to start school  are offered a school planning meeting in the summer before their child starts school in September. This is so that school, professionals involved and family are able to prepare for the child’s arrival.

To support children with SEND who are moving to secondary school the Year 6 class teachers and SENDCo meet with the staff and SENCo of the receiving school to discuss the SEND child’s needs and how best to facilitate the child’s access to the school and curriculum.

Identification and assessment of children with SEND:

Golden Valley Primary School understands how important it is to identify special educational needs at an early age so that provision can be put into place.

The progress of all children is tracked and monitored at our school. This means that we are aware when a child’s progress has slowed and not moved forward at an expected rate.

Progress is discussed with parents at Parent’s Consultation evenings meetings. If a parent or teacher has significant concerns about a child’s progress then the SENDCo is advised of this. The SENDCo can make appropriate referrals to outside agencies as necessary i.e. Speech and Language Service, Occupational Therapy Service and Vulnerable learner’s Service.

Until September 2014, a child with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities would have had an IEP (Individual Education Plan) which set out targets that were currently being worked on and detailing what additional provision was put in place for that child. From September 2015, IEPs will no longer be written for every child on the SEN register. We may decide to use an IEP if we see that it would be a beneficial aid to keeping track of small steps of progress. We will of course discuss this with parents.

The content of the IEP is negotiated, as appropriate, with the child and the child’s family, with a focus on the process of ‘Assess, plan, do, review.’ For many children, targets will be connected to learning and will often be specifically to do with English and Maths. For other children, the targets may be about developing independence or improving fine motor skills. (If your child has a Speech and Language programme then we would not write a separate IEP). The most important point is that the targets reflect the needs of the child.


In Reception there are two full-time Learning Support Assistants (LSA’s) to support the children, in Year One there is a full-time (or equivalent) LSA shared between the two classes.

From Year Two to Six there is a shared TA (Teaching Assistant) between each year group who works during the mornings.

We also employ other support, if seen as necessary, to support children with SEND. This is one of the ways we would use the delegated SEND budget. There are also a number of children with SEND in receipt of Top-Up funding (extra funding from the local authority for those children who meet a set criteria of needs), who are supported by full-time 1:1 LSA’s.

During lunch times the school employs School Meals Supervisory Assistants (SMSA) to care for the children. Some children are supported by 1:1 SMSAs if they have Top-Up funding.


At Golden Valley we offer children a fun, exciting and enjoyable curriculum which inspires a love of learning and develops life-long skills. We offer children the opportunity to learn through an integrated curriculum, in a variety of learning styles, learning from committed, diligent and enthusiastic staff as well as from each other. For SEND children the curriculum is appropriately differentiated by the class teacher and adapted to meet the needs and learning styles of the children.

Mental Health, Emotional and Social development:

Our curriculum includes the teaching of social skills and resilience for life. Every class teacher is aware of the need for pastoral care within the classroom. We implement the Chris Quigley’s ‘Secrets of Success’ into all areas of our curriculum. This involves making the children aware of the 8 secrets of success: Trying New Things, Working Hard, Concentrating, Pushing Themselves, Improving, Understanding Others and Not Giving Up.

In addition to this we have a highly qualified Learning Mentor, who is able to support children with barriers to their learning i.e. those that need support during a family breakdown, those in bereavement or those with social skills needs where there is an impact on their learning or social development.

What our parents tell us:

‘She really looks forward to school and is very fond of her friends….I feel that staff do an excellent job at including her appropriately…I have been really interested to watch her inclusion in a mainstream school and am very impressed at how successful this has been’.

Resolution procedure:

If a parent wishes to discuss a concern about their child’s provision the first point of contact is the class teacher. After this, parents would be encouraged to speak to the SENDCo - Mrs Gillard or SEND governor - Mrs Chris Hoare.


Pupils with medical conditions:

As a school we endeavour to support children with medical conditions to ensure they have full access to education.  An Individual Healthcare Plan (IHCP) will be drawn up where needs are complex or where it is necessary to clarify the specific support a child requires.  Please speak to the School Business Manager, Mrs Buss for further information. 

SEND Policy

SEND Support and Advice for Parents


Providing the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIAS) for Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

 Email: support@supportiveparents.org.uk

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