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Sports Days 2021

Sports Days 2021

Please enjoy photographs taken at the three GV Sports Days over the last week along with short videos of some of the races and events. Listed below are also the Copestake Cup nominations and photographs. 


Sports Days 2021 were a huge success and we are very proud of the effort and enthusiasm every child and member of staff brought to them.

Reception & Key Stage 1 Sports Day 2021

Year 3&4 Sports Day 2021

Year 5&6 Sports Day 2021

Copestake Nominations for Achievement in Sport

Every year Classteachers nominate a boy and a girl from their class to receive a Copestake Certificate for their achievement over the year in sport/PE. This is not just an award for the 'best' sportsperson, but also in recognition of their improvement, team work or effort.


The four children nominated in Year 6 each receive a medal at the Leavers' Service, with two of them having their names added to the Copestake Cup that was donated by Eileen Copestake, a former Chair of Governors and advocate for sports in school.



Congratulations to the children from each year group who were nominated for the Copestake Award this year:


Reception: Toby, Nina, Toby & Maya

Year 1: Angus, Kiana, Albi & Aimee

Year 2: Bo, Olivia, Sebi & Matty

Year 3: Jack, Lola, Matthew & Aoife

Year 4: Elijah, Lola, Harry & Katie

Year 5: Evan, Caitlin, Harry & Flo

Year 6: Ben, Bella, Evert & Chloe

Copestake Awards 2021

Reception & Key Stage 1 Sports Day

This morning's Sports Day for our younger pupils went very well with the children participating in a variety of multi-skill races and events. They were highly enthusiastic and focused on the tasks in hand!


Congratulations to Trendlewood House (green) for winning the Reception & Key Stage 1 tournament!

Year 3 & 4 Sports Day

'Well Done' to the children in Years 3 and 4 for your effort, enthusiasm and skill during your sports day. The children displayed fantastic team spirits too and the scores were very close indeed with Glassblowers (blue) topping the leader board after all of the races...but it was a very narrow margin! 

Year 5 & 6 Sports Day

Our oldest pupils had an amazing sports day last week and the sun burst through and shone all afternoon! The event started in true tradition with the Year 6 Fun Run around Nailsea School field with the home stretch on the GV track. It was lovely to see and hear the children cheering their classmates on to complete the run.


The winners for the Year 5 and 6 sports day this year were Scotch Horn (yellow) - well done everyone for some fantastic team spirits!