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Sports Premium Funding 2017 - 18

Last year our use of Sports Premium funding included providing on-going informal CPD for all staff in various areas of PE teaching, extending opportunities for KS1 pupils to attend Level 2 sports events, as well as offering more opportunities for SEN and less active pupils across KS2 to compete in both Level 1 and 2 competitions and develop the programme of extra-curricular activities across the school.


This year (2018 -19), we intend to focus on using the funding to:

  • Provide targeted CPD to staff, focusing on those areas highlighted by the PE staff audit. To be delivered by external coaches (Sue and Kim from NSSPEA)
  • Developing the assessment process for all PE units taught so that children's progress can be accurately measured and monitored throughout the school.
  • Continue to offer a varied and extensive range of opportunities for all children to access Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 competitions to ensure that all children have competed in at least one event across the year.
  • Highlight and celebrate sporting achievements across the school in the following ways: via the Golden Valley website, sharing successes in Key Stage assemblies, updated sports boards around school and the use of 'Sports Achievement' awards.
  • Continue to promote a healthy lifestyle on all children through PE and PSHE
  • Build on the diverse programme of extra-curricular and after-school sporting opportunities and clubs.



Here at Golden Valley Primary School, our Sports Premium funding for 2017-18 equated to £12,949


Our main aims for the funding in 2017 -18 were:


  • Provide on-going support for staff in delivering high quality PE lessons through both formal and informal observations and modelling PE lessons. Support, guidance and modelled lessons given to those staff who requested it, as well as to the NQT's on the staff team, by the PE Subject Leader.
  • Implementing the on-going development plan to ensure all areas that require improvement are targeted and addressed. Improvements are continuing to be addressed with significant progress being achieved.
  • Further extend the opportunities for more children to access Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 competition and those who do no extra-curricular sporting activities. Healthy Heroes club set up for targeted children to develop their health and sporting understanding. More KS1 events attended and extra KS1 after school clubs on timetable. Extra sporting opportunities provided for all year groups across the school, with regular lunchtime matches and external coaches in a range of sports delivering lessons. More NSSPEA events attended this year to enable more pupils to compete in Level 2 and 3 events.
  • Continue the use of 'Sporting Achievement' awards to raise the profile of sporting success within the school and develop greater links with local sports clubs, creating a clear pathway for G & T pupils to move on to the next level in their chosen sport. Sports Achievement awards presented regularly during school assemblies to celebrate and raise the profile of school sports events as well as the opportunity for children to celebrate sporting successes in other out of school competitions.
  • Continue to increase the levels of participation of extra-curricular sport both in and out of school with additional after school clubs and lunchtime provision. Regular lunchtime matches across KS2 to provide all children with an opportunity for sporting competition. Increase in after school club provision with an extra KS1 club and Healthy Heroes club provided.
  • Promotion of a healthy lifestyle in all our children through PE and PSHE. Weekly lessons taught in both KS1 and 2 as well as other focused events in Sports Week (Nutrition workshops across KS1 & 2)
  • Continue to provide further opportunities for children to try new sports and activities (Sports Week/Scotch Horn/coaches visiting school) Sports Week activities included Biathlon, dance, Kurling, archery, fencing, football and tennis. KS1 enjoyed 6 x one hour lessons of ball skills delivered by the FA. Weekly one hour sessions in Tae Kwon Do, streetdance, Chance to Shine cricket and circuits for different KS2 classes provided.



Our plan for ensuring long term sustainability includes the following:


  • Continued CPD with both external and in-house training of staff to deliver high quality PE and school sport. This includes the teaching of swimming.
  • Continued close liaison with both sports providers and local schools to provide a range of level 2 and Level 3 sporting opportunities.
  • Membership of the North Somerset PE Association to ensure a broad provision of sporting activities to enable both inclusion and competition as well as close links with local/national clubs and coaches.
  • Ongoing development of young leaders within our school who provide ideas for stimulating, active play in their role as playground leaders and sports organising crew.
  • A rolling programme of maintenance and replacement of sports and play equipment for all.  


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