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Workshop 4 T6 2017-18

During Terms 1 & 2, we have held two workshops in the Studio at Golden Valley - supporting parents to find ways to acknowledge and resolve their child's anxiety. The next workshop will be during Term 3. We will be looking at how we feel as parents and carers of anxious children, and how we cope with those feelings. Everyone is welcome - look out for a parent mail after Christmas regarding signing up.

The documents below refer to some of the strategies and tips discussed so far.

Strategies and tips from workshops T1&2, 2017-18.

Playground politics - an interesting article that looks at how parents can support their children with playground problems.

One of our key values at Golden Valley is resilience. Attached are a couple of adapted short reads that may be useful or reassuring concerning resilience. This key disposition helps protect against anxiety developing and gives strategies for building resilience in everyday life.

Following the meeting at GV 12.5.16 - here are the sheets that Paula used. I have also included an article I found which reiterated some of the same messages.