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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!



Nightingale Class is taught by Mr Morgan .


Woodpecker Class is taught by Miss Anderson.




Mrs Sedgwick and Mr Hill will cover PPA on Wednesday afternoons.

Mrs Sedgwick will also cover Leadership Time on Thursday afternoons.

(Please note the change of PPA day. We are working hard to limit the number of staff members working in each bubble and this made the change necessary.)



 The Teaching Assistants supporting the Year 5 team are Mrs Milnes and Mrs Sedgwick.



Outdoor PE will be on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Please remember to come to school dressed in your PE kit on these days.



Reading books and fish-books should be in school every day.  Homework booklets come home on a Friday and need to be returned to school by the following Wednesday. 


Please remember that children cannot be excused from PE without parental confirmation via letter, note in fish-book or by speaking to a member of the year five team.


Look out for class leaflets, with information about projects, PE and how you can help your child at home.

Bringing Books to Life through Dance - The children enjoyed the dance workshop all about the BFG.

Gladiators - The children took part in their gladiator event which was postponed from Sports Week. There were different activities which were all thoroughly enjoyed by the children.

Run a Mile - The children pushed themselves to run a mile, which had been marked out on the school field. Some children managed run further as well!

Project - As part of our Viking Project, we made Lewis chess pieces. First, the children designed their chess piece. After this, they carved their design in to the clay. The children enjoyed making their own patterns for each chess piece.

Comic Relief - The Children all looked fantastic in their superhero outfits.

Science - It was science week last week and the children enjoyed the investigations we completed. First, we investigated air resistance and made paper helicopters to do this. For our second experiment, we looked at water resistance. The children made different shapes to test how quickly they would sink to the bottom. It was great to see so much enjoyment as well as learning taking place. Below are photos of our second investigation.

Lambs - Every Tuesday, Year 5 children go and see the lambs and help feed them. The children have really enjoyed doing this!

Christmas Party - The children had great fun during the Year 5 Christmas Party. They enjoyed all the games and activities. Below are some photos of the children having some popcorn and drinks to finish off the party. Thank you to the GVSA for gifts and refreshments.

Children in Need - The Children followed the theme of 'Act Your Age' to complete 10 laps of the playground. Each child received a certificate to show their success.

This term we have been focusing on the artist Georgia O'Keefe during our art lessons. The children then drew different close ups of their chosen rainforest animal. I'm sure your child will enjoy telling you all about their piece of work.

Why is learning our multiplication tables so important?