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Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

In September we recruit new anti-bullying ambassadors from each class in Year 2 to Year 6. They meet at least twice every term with Mr Riordan (Headteacher).


It is our aim in 2023/24 is  to:

  • Review our anti-bullying procedures.
  • Ensure that all children, staff and parents understand the different kinds of bullying that can happen.
  • Help children stay safe online.
  • Raise awareness of bullying and support any children affected by this in our school.
  • Embed a culture on anti-bullying and kindness in our school.

To do this during the school year we will:

  • Produce posters and information newsletters.
  • Plan and lead assemblies for children.
  • Rewrite our school anti-bullying policy.
  • Hold an information session for parents.
  • Organise exciting and helpful events during anti-bullying week.
  • Act as role models in and outside of school.
  • Be upstanders and stand up to bullying in our school.

 We have an anti-bullying noticeboard for the school hall. If you are a child you will be able to see who we are so that you can come and speak to us.


Anti-Bullying Week November 2023

Children across the school enjoyed:

  • Odd Socks Day and a special assembly
  • Each class reviewed the children's anti-bullying policy that the ABAS wrote.
  • Each class reviewed the school anti-bullying charter the ABAs wrote.
  • We made anti-bullying the focus of our achievement assembly on Thursday 16th of November which was the day we took part in Children in Need activities.
  • On Monday the 20th November we had a day of activities led by visitors from Unique Voice. This included KS1 and kS2 assemblies, workshops for Year 3 to Year 6 and a parent workshop.


If you are worried about bullying please tell someone and the school will do everything it can to support you. We have placed a worry box in the studio so that children can add any concerns and a member of staff will get back to them, if they don't feel able to talk to an adult first.


Support for Children and Families:


Click here for Childline

Click here for anti-bullying advice from the NSPCC