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Leavers 2023

Leavers' Assembly 2023

Our special Leavers' Assembly was attended by over 100 family members. It was a lovely celebration of successes, memories and awarding of prizes and special accolades. 

It was also a chance for me to get my own back with a large selection of archived photographs...sorry 'boils and germs!'


I hope you enjoy this selection of photos to remember a very special occasion and to celebrate a very successful Year 6.


When the children arrived back from the bowling trip, they were delighted to see a fantastic spread of food and a lovely decorated picnic area. They loved looking at class photos from every year and having photos taken under the Leavers' banner. (Many thanks to Teigan's Gran who made the banner alterations!)


A wonderful group of parents organised the whole thing, led by Mrs Phillips. Thank you to everyone who gave up their time to help! Also, thanks to Chef Andy who cooked the food and made a lovely sponge dessert for everyone to enjoy - it was a very kind gesture and much appreciated.


Mr Lynch

Bowling Trip!

Today's trip to Hollywood Bowling was very enjoyable! The children behaved very well and had lots of fun.

Well done to Lily who had the highest score, with Koby a very close second!


Mr Lynch

Leavers' Disco

The Year 6 children who attended the disco had a FANTASTIC time...! Many thanks to the GVSA organisers and especially DJ Craig for entertaining the children for all three discos!

Some super dancing, singing (shouting?) and lots of fun with friends.


Mr Lynch

Production of 'Robin Hood'

This year's Y6 Production just had to be Robin Hood...and the children have thrown themselves into the singing, dancing and acting with so much enthusiasm. A thoroughly enjoyable production...from the audience reactions!


Enjoy the following photos...and a special mention to the backstage crew. Not everybody enjoys being on stage, so it is fantastic that opportunities are always present for those children who are more confident with scenery, props and the never-ending stage setting up/dismantling - this is a thankless task!

Leavers' Hoodies!

The Year 6 children were presented with their Leavers'/Camp hoodies today - and very proud they are of them!


The children have promised to look after them and have them ready to take to School Camp on the 26th June. We are rather hoping that they will be washed a few times in between now and then...please!?!?!?!


Mr Lynch