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Sports Days 2023

Sports Days for Year 5 and 6

Sports Day for Year 3 and 4 - May 2023

Our first Sports Day event of the year was a very successful event, with children making themselves and us very proud! My favourite moment was between a group of Year 4 boys who stood before their race, shaking hands and wishing each other luck with the brightest smiles on their faces. Excellent attitudes demonstrated by all!

Thank you to everyone who raced, cheered or gave out hundreds of stickers.

Congratulations to Glassblowers (blue) who won the Year 3 and 4 Sports Day for 2023.

Sports Day for EYFS and Key Stage 1 2023

We were thoroughly delighted with the children's effort and attitude during this years' sports day for our younger pupils. Everyone joined in beautifully and it was great to see the strong team spirit as children supported each other.

Thank you to all members of staff for organising the event, and to parents for cheering everyone on so well. We are very proud of all our budding athletes!

Congratulations to Glassblowers (blue) who won the Sports Day for Years R, 1 and 2

Sports Day for Years 5 and 6 2023

The children pushed themselves hard and impressed us all with their enthusiasm, teamwork, and general attitude. We were delighted with the effort all round, and know that we have a large number of very talented children here at Golden Valley. We are all proud to be Team GV!

Congratulations to Glassblowers (blue) who also won the sports day for Years 5 and 6. What an achievement!

Copestake Sports Nominations 2023

A former Chair of Governors of Golden Valley, Eileen Copestake, presented a cup to school when she retired in 1993 to be given to a pupil in Year 6 at the end of the year for their personal development within sport.


Now every year, Classteachers nominate a boy and a girl from their class who have excelled in sport over the year, made significant improvements in their personal skill/confidence or have been amazing team players and role models.


This year's nominees were:


Year R: Iris, Matthew, Ollie and Daisy

Year 1: Sam, Elin, Isaiah and Neve

Year 2: Arran, Amelia, Todd and Abi

Year 3: Albi, Ivy, Arthur and Anwen

Year 4: Tess, Sonny, Johnny and Isla

Year 5: Emily, Jake, Annabelle and Josh

Year 6: Elijah, Tilly, Ollie and Olivia


Two of the nominees in Year 6 will have their names engraved on the Copestake Trophy for winning this year - all will be revealed at the Leavers' Assembly in July.