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School Uniform

Uniform / Dress Code at Golden Valley


The colours of the school’s dress code are yellow, grey and white. The following lists should guide your purchase of items of school dress to encourage uniformity and a true sense of collectiveness amongst the children. Uniform items with embroidered logos are available from School Togs in Nailsea Town Centre; other plain items are available from most high street retailers and stores.



Grey or yellow sweatshirt with embroidered school logo

White shirt/polo shirt (embroidered polo shirts available)

Grey trousers or shorts 

Grey socks 

Dark coloured shoes



Grey or yellow sweatshirt or cardigan with embroidered school logo

White polo shirt/blouse (embroidered polo shirts available)

Grey pinafore, skirt or trousers (appropriate for school – not fashion items)

Grey or white socks or tights

Dark coloured shoes (school style – no fashion heels please)

In Summer months, a yellow/white checked or striped Summer dress can be worn as an alternative to the above. No leggings should be worn as part of a school uniform, including Summer dresses.


Trainers should not be worn as everyday shoes for any child.


Grey fleece jackets with the school logo are available to buy


Hair and Make-Up

Hair dying/colouring is not appropriate for school (unless there is a special reason such as a school charity event). Similarly, extreme haircuts, excessive use of hair products or motifs shaved into hair are to be avoided during school terms.

Hair bands and accessories should be plain and simple and not overly decorative.

Make-up, including nail polish, is not appropriate to be worn by pupils to school.


PE Clothing

A PE kit consisting of shorts and T-shirt for indoor wear is essential. Plain T-shirts in House colours are required, with plain black shorts.


A track-suit or other appropriate ‘long’ clothing is essential for Key Stage 2 children as they undertake sports lessons outside throughout the year. (Please avoid hooded tops for Health and Safety reasons.) Please stick to school colours and avoid items with logos and slogans.


For outdoor PE trainers should be worn as they offer more support and grip in slightly damp conditions. A good idea is to keep an old pair of trainers at school purely for sports lessons.



All Year 4 children will take part in week-long block swimming lessons at two points in the year. Girls should wear one-piece swimming costumes (no bikinis) and boys should wear swimming trunks, not loose-fitting shorts. A swimming cap is required; these can be purchased from the Year 4 teachers for 55p.



The only jewellery permitted in school are stud earrings and a watch. Earrings (small studs only) need to be removed for all PE activities after they have been pierced for 6 weeks or more. Where a child has newly pierced ears, tape or plasters must be provided from home for covering to take place.


All long hair (boys and girls) needs to be tied back for every PE session.



School Togs


All school uniform can be purchased from School Togs: https://www.schooltogsnailsea.co.uk/


Located at 2 Clevedon Walk, Crown Glass Shopping Centre, Nailsea, BS48 1RS