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Y6 Eco Council

Children in Eco Council have working in the community with Nailsea Town Council and North Somerset Council. They have had a busy morning removing plastic tree guards and weeding around re-wilding areas in Nailsea.

The Big Plastic Count 16-22 May 2022

The Y6 Eco Council would really like all Golden Valley families to be involved in the 'Big Plastic Count'. Watch the video to learn more about why we are doing this. 

Every pupil has a Plastic count sheet to fill in next week (16-22 May) and return to school. We will be collecting the results in school so there is no need to add your own information to the website.

Thank you for helping us.

The Y6 Eco Council

Update April 2022 - Y6 Eco Council have been busy preparing the ground and planting of our new trees.

Update March 22

Our trees from the tree council have arrived and we have:

  1. 1x common hawthorn
  2. 1x sweet cherry
  3. 1x European beech
  4. 1x Black alder
  5. 1x Tilia cordata
  6. 2 x Still to arrive from North Somerset

Each year group has its own tree to care for with the help of Eco council and they will have to:

  1. Water them regularly from spring to September
  2. Keeping the base of the tree free from grass and weed
  3. Applying mulch (like wood chippings) at the base of your tree

Update Feb 2022

As part of our survey, please follow the link to complete our survey:

Eco Council Survey

Update with our Application to become Young Tree Champions

On behalf of the school, we have been successful in becoming Young Tree Champions with the Tree Council.
At the beginning of March, we will be receiving 5-7 broadleaf trees to plant in the school grounds.

Update Jan 2022

Two members of our group wrote to John Lewis complaining about the amount of plastic packaging that was used to deliver a small diary to Mrs. Bennett. We have attached the letter that was written and the reply from John Lewis so that you can read them.


We have written to North Somerset Council who are able to provide trees for our school  grounds. We have also contacted a tree project who may be able to provide hedgerow plants for us as well.


We are investigating crisp packet re-cycling and are researching worm farms.

Here is the latest school's challenge slide. It is all about reducing our energy use and has some links that you may want to explore.

Here is the first challenge slide for the new year from the Young Climate Warriors. Remember that every little helps to save our planet so read the slide and think what you can do to help. 

Eco Council Introduction Video

Message from the Eco Council This week's message was written by Ella and Eleni... We hope that you had a go at last week's climate challenge. This week the challenge is for the Christmas' holidays and is to make a bird feeder out of a toilet roll for the robins. We hope that you try it. From the Y6 Eco Council

Message from the Eco Council We are the Eco Council and each week we will be sharing with you a weekly challenge to help us to protect the environment. We are members of a group called Young Climate Warriors and they send us a challenge each week. We hope that you will want to have a go at home. Thank you, Ella, Seren, Eleni, Samuel, Will, Ellie, Flo, Ruby and Abigail