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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leadership Team

Mr K Lynch, Headteacher
Mrs C Jenkins, Deputy Head KS2
Mrs D Dean, Deputy Head FS/KS1
Mrs D Buss, School Business Manager

Teaching Staff

Mrs N French, Year R, Robin Class M T W
Miss H Randle, Year R, Robin Class Th F
Mrs H Gillard, Year R, Sparrow Class + SENDCo
Mrs J Devanny, Y1, Goldfinch Class M T W
Mrs D Dean Y1, Goldfinch Class Th F
Mrs K Webb, Y1, Kingfisher Class
Mrs S Riley, Year 2, Blackbird Class
Miss A Sims, Y2, Swallow  Class
Mr L Morgan, Y3, Owl Class
Mrs S Fisher, Y3, Jay Class
Mrs S Richards, Y4, Swift Class, W Th F
Mrs J Leavett, Year 4, Swift Class M T
Mrs A Maxwell, Y4, Wagtail Class
Mrs C Jenkins, Y5, Nightingale Class, M T
Mrs Sarah Elskamp, Y5, Nightingale Class, W Th F
Miss M Anderson, Y5, Woodpecker Class
Mrs E Simms, Y6, Falcon Class
Mrs J Bennett, Y6, Kestrel Class

Learning Support Staff

Mrs A Geaney, Year R LSA
Mrs S Chandler, Year R LSA
Mrs K Smith, Year R LSA + Year 5 SEN LSA
Mrs M Cattermole, Year 1 LSA
Mrs C Merrick-Weaver, Year 1 LSA
Mrs L Nicholls, Year 1 SEN LSA
Mrs C Caine, Year 2 TA
Mrs F Sedgwick, KS1 + KS2 HLTA
Mrs S Royce, Year 3 LSA
Mrs C Luckett, Year 3 SEN LSA
Miss A Tyler, Year 4 LSA
Mrs W Milnes, Year 5 LSA
Mrs E James, Year 5 SEN LSA
Mrs J De Gay, Year 5 SEN LSA
Mrs K Pritchard, Year 5 + 6 SEN LSA
Miss H Watkins, Year 6 HLTA
Mrs S Cox, Year 6 SEN LSA
Mrs J Morrison, HLTA & Learning Mentor
Mrs T Roberts, ICT Technician, TA

Office Staff

Mrs D Buss – School Business Manager
Mrs L Proffitt – HR & Finance Officer
Mrs J Bourne, Administrator
Mrs R Hughes – Administrator

General Assistants + Lunchtime Supervisors

Miss D Voisey, GA First Aid + Reprographics
Mrs R Goodman,  Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Thurgood,  Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A Nichols,  Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Hall,  Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss C Neary,  Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs C Merrick-Weaver,  Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs N Ferguson,  Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Capern,  Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs R Sathiyavel,  Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs K Faithfull,  Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss K James,  Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms H Garrett,  Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Clarke,  Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs C Hoffmann,  Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs C Nash – Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Morris, Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs N Pratt, Lunchtime Supervisor

Wraparound Care Staff

Mrs R Hughes, Wraparound Care Administrator
Mrs C Neary,  Playleader (Afternoon sessions)
Mrs D Voisey, Playleader  (Morning sessions)
Mrs E Bolton, Playworker
Miss H Nicoll, Playworker
Miss G Wright, Playworker
Miss I Wesbroom-Warr, Playworker

Caretaking Staff

Mr P Irish